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Preparing Your Pet for Your New Baby

A baby is going to join your household. What an exciting time this is for you. Have you considered this from your dog’s point of view? His life is going to be disrupted, too, and he is not looking at videos, researching the internet, reading about new babies, or talking to his friends about what is going to happen.  Let’s discuss a few things you need to be working on now.

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Diabetes in Pets

What is Diabetes?

When referring to diabetes, we are generally referring to diabetes mellitus, or sugar diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder of glucose, or sugar, use in the body. Glucose is the most common source of energy for the body’s cells. Glucose comes into our body by what we eat and then the hormone, insulin (which is produced in the pancreas) helps the glucose to get into the cells. Diabetes is caused by not having enough insulin in the body.

Incidence of Diabetes:                                                        

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