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Wellness Testing For Cats

Wellness Testing

Wellness TestingHere at Chateau Veterinary Hospital, we offer several early detection programs to help us to determine your pet’s health status and causes of illness accurately, safely, and quickly. We  offer preventive care testing to assess the general function of your pet’s internal organs and metabolism. If you have any questions, ask our team members to better help you understand our recommendations and to be a partner in your pet’s care.  These preventive care testing can add to our understanding of what is normal for your best friend, establishing a baseline that we will compare to in the future. When you bring your pet back for testing each year, we can track subtle changes more effectively. This improves our ability to detect disease in your pet even when values are normal, or before any outward signs of illness can be seen. By spotting problems at the earliest possible stage, we may prevent or treat disease with greater success. The more data we have, the better we can support you in providing your pet with a long, healthy and happy life!






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