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What are vaccinations?

First, germs (bacteria or viruses) cause many of the diseases that make our pets sick. When a germ invades the body, the immune system jumps into action and produces antibodies specific to that germ. The antibodies are designed to fight off the disease and hopefully save your pet’s life. Some diseases are minor and some are life threatening.

A vaccination is a dead or weakened germ or part of a germ that tricks the body to produce antibodies without making the pet sick. These antibodies then lie in wait in the body, ready to fight off the germ if the pet is exposed and prevent the pet from becoming sick.

What kinds of vaccines are there?

There are many different vaccinations for pets. Some of these are considered “core” vaccines, recommended for almost all pets. Some of these are “non core, or lifestyle” vaccinations, necessary for some pets in some circumstances.

How long do vaccinations last?

Different vaccines last different amounts of times. Some vaccines are good for only one year, while others are good for many years. Many vaccinations require a “booster” vaccination two to four weeks after the very first vaccination of that type that a pet receives.

What vaccinations will my pet receive?

Unlike vaccination clinics, every pet that comes to Chateau Veterinary Hospital for vaccinations or for a well visit is evaluated as an individual and only the vaccinations that will benefit that pet are given. We want your pet to be protected, but not to be “overvaccinated.”

Special concerns for cats

Some (usually “cheaper”) vaccinations available for cats can actually cause a skin cancer known as fibrosarcoma. We use the best and safest (nonadjuvanted) vaccinations for your cat and vaccinate them only when needed.

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