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Examinations - Dogs



The single most important part of keeping your pet healthy is a regular, comprehensive physical examination by your veterinarian.                    Examination

Your pet also deserves to have this visit be as stress free as possible. Our hospital is a Fear Free Certified Hospital, only the second hospital in the country to obtain that honor. That is why you may notice that we employ different techniques than you have previously experienced. Your pet will experience calming pheromones and music specific for pets. Handling will be gentle and with respect. Treats or toys may be used liberally to make your pet happy. Natural calming agents, and if necessary pharmaceuticals, will be recommended based on your pet’s response and needs.

Our nose to tail examinations (or tail to nose, if that suits your pet’s temperament better) are done to ensure that your pet is healthy and if a problem is brewing, to detect it early in hopes of improving outcomes. Your visit will start with discussing with you what you are seeing in your pet’s life and assessing things like weight, nutrition and other important lifestyle facts.

We may recommend preventative care blood work and/or urine testing to assess things we cannot see. Based on the information obtained, we will help you with a plan to keep your pet healthy and happy.       





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