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Dog Allergies


Allergies are one of the top problems in dogs that we see. Itching, scratching, sneezing miserable dogs and their owners need help that Chateau Veterinary Hospital can provide.

What are the signs of allergies in dogs?

Most allergic dogs are itchy, either scratching their body with their legs or just licking areas of their body. This is a source of aggravation to both the dog and their owner. There is not much more annoying than just dozing off to sleep and hearing the noise of your dog either scratching their body or licking and chewing at their feet. The pattern of a dog’s itching or licking may give us clues to the source of the allergy.

For example, flea allergic dogs may present with “short pant pattern,” itching only in the areas that would be covered by your dog wearing a pair of shorts.” Food allergy pattern can sometimes show as “ears and rears,” with the dog having an itchy face, especially the ears and licking under their tail. Not every dog presents with such classic patterns and as the disease progresses, all of this is subject to change.

Some allergic dogs, especially those allergic to food, may in addition to itching, have soft or more frequent stools.

What is causing my dog’s allergies?

The four most common causes of allergies in dogs are:

  • Fleas

  • Environmental indoor and outdoor allergens (pollens, house dust, molds, etc.)

  • Food (usually the protein source)

  • Contact allergy (carpet, cleaners, shampoos)


Treatment of allergies involves many steps. Our first goal in most cases is to stop the itch to make your pet and you more comfortable. There are many different medications that we can use to control the itch and we will work to determine the best one in each case.

We will rule out parasites, treat any secondary infections and then work to find underlying causes. Allergies are a considered a controllable, not a curable disease in most cases. Our goal is a happy, healthy pet and a happy owner. The sooner we see a dog with possible allergies, the sooner we can make your pet comfortable and the better chance of success. Please call to schedule an appointment.

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