Your Pet and Heartworm Disease

Fast Facts  

  • Louisiana is one of the states with the highest incidence of heartworms in the United States. More than 100 cases of heartworms are diagnosed every year PER VETERINARY CLINIC in our area!
  • Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos, which really should be our state bird.   heartworms
  • All dogs and cats are susceptible, even if they live strictly indoors. If you ever see a mosquito in your house, your pet could develop this life-threatening disease.   
  • Heartworms kill! Up to 50 6 to 12 inch long worms in your heart and lungs create severe problems.
  • Preventing heartworms is easy and inexpensive, with either medication given monthly to your pet at home, or by an injection given every 6 months by us.
  • Dogs should be tested annually to detect any potential infection early.  heartworm
  • Heartworms can kill your dog or your cat.

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