International Travel with your Pet


What do these dogs have in common?

All have traveled internationally their owners.

Maggie, the Great Dane, moved with her family to Ireland, Franklin, the Yorkie mix, went to live in London for a year with his owner, and Miley, a Rat Terrier mix, flew with her owner to Austria to compete in the European Open Agility Trials. Miley

Traveling internationally can be done, but requires advance planning.

  1. Consult the USDA website, link below, to verify the requirements for the country to which you are traveling. Read carefully all of the necessary information.

  1. Take the filled out Pre Travel Checklist from the website to your veterinarian and verify that your pet meets all of the requirements. Not all veterinarians can issue international health certificates. Be aware that your pet may need a certain type of microchip. Some countries also require a very stringent rabies vaccination protocol.
  1. Check with the airline on which your pet is flying and see what their requirements they may have.
  1. Begin training your pet to be comfortable and happy in the carrier. This will be a long flight. You may want to use removable pads in the carrier in case of an accident.
  1. If you have a layover, check to see if the airport has a pet relief area. You may want to make sure you have a long enough layover to allow your pet (dogs only!) to go out.


  1. Adaptal spray, a natural pheromone that is calming to dogs, may help. Check with your veterinarian if you believe your pet will need antianxiety drugs. Most of the time, it is recommended that you travel without sedatives. If needed, try them out in advance of your trip.
  1. If your pet cannot travel in cabin with you, you may choose to use a pet relocation service like Maggie’s owner did. These people will take care of all of the details for you. Investigate thoroughly before choosing.

Happy travels! Call or go online to set up an appointment with us if you would like us to help you.

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