CBD Oil - Is It Right For Your Pet?

Is it right for your pet?
CBD oil is the new “miracle product,” both for
people and their pets. It is reported to decrease
pain, reduce seizures, and reduce anxiety.
Disclaimer: We as veterinarians are under the
jurisdiction of the federal Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and if we violate their
rulings, we can lose out the ability to prescribe drugs.
We are unable to recommend or discuss the use of
CBD oil or other CBD products in your pet.
The Good: More studies are being done on CBD oil   stella
in pets. In the most recent (June 1, 2019) Journal
of the American Veterinary Medical Association, a
study showed benefit (along with traditional
medicine) in seizure control in dogs. It is our hope
that additional studies will give us information on
the best uses and doses.
The Bad: Out of 84 products reputed to have CBD
oil, testing showed that 57 of them did not have
what they advertised. In the wild west of the CBD
world, many had heavy metals, pesticides, or
infective agents in them. Until CBD products are
better regulated, that will continue to be the case.
There are rare companies, like Charlotte’s Web
that have better quality control.
The Future: the FDA is beginning to determine if
cannabis can be sold without violating federal law.
Hopefully, we will soon be able to add this
substance to our arsenal for the health and
happiness of our patients. We will keep you

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