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Kitten Care

Kitten Care

Healthy Start Kitten Care                                           

Your household has added a new kitten, whether through careful planning and searching or because a new kitten has somehow found you. Let’s get your baby’s life off to a good start!

Chateau Veterinary Hospital is a Certified Cat Friendly Hospital, which means you have chosen the best place for your pet. We are trained to provide compassionate, individualized care for your kitten and have received extra education to help you and your baby.

During your first visit, your kitten will receive a sample of kitten food appropriate for your baby, free heartworm medication, free flea medication, brochures on kitten care, an examination, appropriate vaccinations for your kitten, the right schedule for future care, testing for parasites and appropriate treatment and all the information you could want on kitten care.

Healthy Start Kitten Examination

As soon as possible (preferably within the first 48 hours) we need to meet your kitten in person. We will perform a complete nose to tail examination and advise you on the best medical care for your kitten, appropriate training and nutrition.

You may notice that we approach your kitten’s examination in a different way than you have experienced in the past. Because we are concerned with not only your kitten’s physical health, but also his emotional and mental health, we want the veterinary experience to be as Fear Free as possible. Visiting the veterinary hospital can be stressful so we are investing with you in making this visit and future ones easier on your kitten.

VaccinationsKitten Care

Kittens, like human babies, need a series of vaccinations over time in order to prevent certain diseases. We will advise you on necessary vaccinations and set up a schedule based on your individual puppy and your lifestyle. Your kitten is an individual and needs customized care.


Parasites (both internal like intestinal worms and heartworms) and external (like fleas , mites, and mites) are a common kitten problem and can be life threatening. Certain parasites can also spread from your new kitten to family member. Our goal in this area is to keep both you and your kitten healthy.

Litter Box Training

Fortunately, litter box training in kittens is usually as easy as showing them the new litter box. Kittens do sometimes have preferences. Most kittens and cats prefer non scented clumping type litters and a non enclosed litter box. If you are having problems in this area, please ask us.


Scratching may be a concern with your new baby. Scratching serves two functions for your kitten. It keeps his claws healthy and, more importantly, allows him to “mark” his territory.

Appropriate scratching areas are critical to set your kitten up for success. Watch our video about keeping your feline mentally and physically for tips on using a scratching post.

Most cats prefer a vertical, stable post that is taller than they are for a scratching post. Sisal rope or corrugated cardboard are popular materials. If your kitten is interested in scratching on your furniture, try placing the post there.

Feliway Scratch is a wonderful product for training proper scratching behavior. Using Feliway Scratch according to the directions will help your kitten develop great scratching behavior.

We do not recommend declawing as it is considered inhumane.

Feliway Diffusers and Spray

We will recommend that you use pheromone diffusers and sprays for your new kitten. By using natural pheromones, calming chemicals naturally secreted from glands from cat faces, you will help your kitten adjust more happily to your new household.




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