Hairballs in Cats

My hair on the couch? Isn’t it called FURRniture

How often is it normal for a cat to cough up a hairball?

a. More often if long haired cat

b. Once a week

c. Once a month


If you answered never, you are correct!

Why do cats get hairballs?

Excessive hair ingestion, pain or gastrointestinal problems are the major causes of hairballs.

Excessive hair ingestion can be caused by skin problems or stress.

Pain can be from the gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract or the musculoskeletal system.

GI tract problems are the number one cause of hairballs in cat and may need bloodwork and ultrasound to discover the cause.

The final quiz:

The best approach to hairballs is:

a. Feed a hairball diet

b. Don’t worry unless the cat is losing weight

c. Give hairball remedy

d. Look for underlying causes

You are correct! The answer is d. so if your cat has hairballs, call us.

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