10 Top Christmas Gifts for Cats

1. Laser pointer: It’s hard to beat a simple laser pointer for cat entertainment.

2. Cat Hammock or Shelf: Especially one that can be hung by a window.

3. Cat Tower: Cats like to be high and to scratch.      cat toy

4. Feliscratch: 80% effective in solving problem scratching.   felisrac=tch

5. Feeding Puzzles: We Love Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Kit

6. Cat Ripple Rug                   cat rug

7. Cat cozies: At the clinic we have ones that zip for easy washing       cat cozie

8. Treat under 3 calories each: Temptations, like Crack for cats and safely made in Canada

9. Break away collars and tags: If you have a cat who spends time outdoors, but them 5 at a time, so you always have a sparecat in a box

10. Brown paper bag or the box the dog’s toy came in. 

No need to overthink gift giving!

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