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Anesthesia for Cats

Anesthesia for Cats

At some point in your cat’s life, he will likely need anesthesia for a surgical or dental procedure. When this occurs, we want you to know that our Fear Free trained team at Chateau Veterinary Hospital want you to be as knowledgeable as possible so you can be comfortable placing your cat’s wellbeing in our hands. We understand that our cats have special needs. Our Feline Friendly team excels at identifying these needs and addressing them specifically where anesthesia is concerned. There are always risks associated with anesthesia and we do everything possible to minimize these risks in your cat’s best interest.

At Chateau Veterinary Hospital we do not approach anesthesia with a ”one size fits all” mentality. We take into consideration our patients’ age, breed, size (or lack thereof), and procedure. Some cats only require sedation while others may undergo general anesthesia. For either level of anesthesia proper care and monitoring are always in place. All patients will be examined, have pre-operative bloodwork performed and an intravenous catheter in place.

Anesthesia for DogsPart of our complete anesthesia monitoring protocol includes veterinary specific monitoring equipment. We use a Cardell monitor to help us monitor CO2 output, maintain healthy blood pressure, normal blood oxygen saturation levels, normal heart rate and respiration rate, and a normal body temperature. We use warm air circulating blankets called “Hot Dog” warmers to keep our patients’ body temperature normal because this helps insure a speedier recovery. A qualified, experienced technician monitors your cat while our doctors perform the required procedure. When your cat is in post-operative care, they will be with qualified, trained personnel until they are completely recovered.

It is our team’s goal to send your cat home with all your concerns addressed and with the information you need to properly care for him.


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