Ten Christmas Holiday Hazards for Pets

Holidays are wonderful times for everyone in the family, but we need to take extra precautions to keep our pets safe!          

  1. Chocolate:  At any time of the year chocolate can be toxic for pets. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is.     
  1. Snow globes: Snow globes may contain antifreeze, small amounts of which can cause kidney failure.Christmas with pets
  1. Flower arrangements:  While poinsettias get a bad rap, they usually only cause a mild mouth or stomach irritation. Lilies in flower arrangements are attractive to cats and very poisonous. Even a small amount can cause kidney failure.
  1. Tinsel: Cats, and sometimes dogs, love to play with shiny strings like tinsel. What we call a “string foreign body,” is one of the most common cause of intestinal surgery in cats.
  1. Stretch string ribbon for presents: See tinsel, above                 
  1. Xylitol: Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many products and can cause fatal blood pressure problems in dogs.
  1. Alcohol: If indulging in eggnog, or other holiday beverages, please keep away from your pets.christmas pictures
  1. Macadamia nuts: Even a small amount can cause severe vomiting, depression, and weakness.
  1. Small pieces of children’s toys: In the excitement of presents, small toys or pieces of toys may be swallowed by equally excited pets.
  1. The Christmas tree:  What cat can resist climbing an indoor tree! Excited pups may also knock down the tree, so make sure it is well secured or out of pets’ reach.