Pet Information Online


Would you walk up to a stranger in the dog park and ask for information about your pet? Not likely. Searching the Internet randomly for pet advice is like that. Just because it is written, doesn’t make it true.

Pet Information OnlineSo how do you find good information? By using trusted websites. Our website has lots of information. Other places are Veterinary School websites, or the AKC (American Kennel Club) website.

Being a breeder or having a lot of dogs does not make one an expert, any more than having a lot of children makes someone a pediatrician or a nutritionist. Some may know a lot and some may know a lot of nonsense.

Some websites you can trust are: Good general information (American Kennel Club) American Veterinary Medical Association (Cornell Veterinary Hospital’s cat information website) The Ohio State’s information about keeping indoor pets happy and healthy

So if the web site tells you to take your pet out under a full moon, wash him in apple cider vinegar then feed him coconut oil, PLEASE ask us first.