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Dog Nose Facts



Does a Dry Nose Mean my Dog is Sick?

Maybe, but not necessarily. Your pet's nose may be dry because of dehydration or fever or possibly because he is not licking his nose as much as usual. If your pet's nose is dry, but otherwise looks normal, and your pet is active and eating and drinking normally, then there is no need to worry. If your pet is acting sick in any way or his nose looks crusty, has sores, or just doesn't look normal, then contact us.

Why is my dog always sniffing?

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What Kind of Treats are Best for my Dog?

Dangerous or Healthy Treats

Many times every day, we discuss weight management for our canine patients. First we discuss their main diet, ( see our blog post on choosing a pet food,  https://www.chateauvet.com/services/dogs/blog/how-pick-pet-food) then we have to tackle the treat issue. Treats should not be dangerous to our pets nor provide more than 10% of their daily calorie needs. 

Dangerous Foods for Dogs:

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Diabetes in Pets

What is Diabetes?

When referring to diabetes, we are generally referring to diabetes mellitus, or sugar diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder of glucose, or sugar, use in the body. Glucose is the most common source of energy for the body’s cells. Glucose comes into our body by what we eat and then the hormone, insulin (which is produced in the pancreas) helps the glucose to get into the cells. Diabetes is caused by not having enough insulin in the body.

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How To Pick A Pet Food


Picking a Pet Food Can Be Overwhelming

Providing good nutrition is critically important to your pet’s health, but choosing the right food can be almost impossible. There are thousands of formulas of pet food available and big box pet stores of about 20,000 square feet with most of that space dedicated to pet food. Pet food is big business and marketing has become the most important component of the pet food business. One of the most popular pet food brands was started not by a nutritionist, but by a marketing whiz kid.

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Fear Free Halloween Tips for your Pets

Fear Free Halloween Tips for your Pets 

Many in New Orleans love Halloween. What’s not to like about another chance to dress up, party, and eat? Plenty if you are a dog or a cat!! So let’s avoid the tricks for our pets and stick with the treats (healthy pet snacks, please)

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How will I know it's "time?"

When to euthanize a beloved pet is one of the most difficult decisions that we are asked to make. Most of us are not prepared to play "the role of God" and actually choose the moment of a living thing’s death. We are overwhelmed by whether the time is right. Is it too early? Too late? Surprisingly, we frequently hear from our clients that they "wished they had done it sooner." Sometimes, looking back, owners feel that they let their pet suffer longer than they should have.

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