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Pet Information Online


Would you walk up to a stranger in the dog park and ask for information about your pet? Not likely. Searching the Internet randomly for pet advice is like that. Just because it is written, doesn’t make it true.

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International Travel with your Pet


What do these dogs have in common?

All have traveled internationally their owners.

Maggie, the Great Dane, moved with her family to Ireland, Franklin, the Yorkie mix, went to live in London for a year with his owner, and Miley, a Rat Terrier mix, flew with her owner to Austria to compete in the European Open Agility Trials. Miley

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Why Does My Pet Have Fleas?

Living in southern Louisiana almost guarantees that you and your pet will have to deal with a flea problem if you are not on a good flea preventative program.  

South Louisiana is probably listed on the internet as one of the top ten places for fleas to live and raise families.                   Fleas

We are a flea paradise with our average temperature of 70 degrees and average humidity of 76 percent.

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Dog Nose Facts



Does a Dry Nose Mean my Dog is Sick?

Maybe, but not necessarily. Your pet's nose may be dry because of dehydration or fever or possibly because he is not licking his nose as much as usual. If your pet's nose is dry, but otherwise looks normal, and your pet is active and eating and drinking normally, then there is no need to worry. If your pet is acting sick in any way or his nose looks crusty, has sores, or just doesn't look normal, then contact us.

Why is my dog always sniffing?

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